High storage warehouses for logisticsand production

Scalable high-storage warehouses that you can easily adapt to the rate of your business's growth. Specialized, automated solutions that enhance operational efficiency to the extent that the investment pays off in a relatively short time.

Choose a high storage system for your warehouse

We offer two high storage systems: the BOXSS system and the MINILOAD system. Each is tailored to different capacity requirements.


BOXSS System is a fully automatic high storage warehouse that will triple the efficiency of your warehouse and halve your handling costs. It allows maximum utilization of warehouse space. The autonomous robots are radio-controlled and combine the functionality of a stacker crane and a multishuttle system.


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Solution developed by LoopStore
BOxSS - high storage system with automatic robots moving on the upper part of the warehouse structure


The MINILOAD high storage warehouse allows for more efficient use of storage space, even if your facility is short on space. Increases storage density by operating the stacker crane on two levels. It will speed up the processes of receiving, storing and issuing goods.

High storage warehouse

check_circle_outline  Combination of the crane and modular design

check_circle_outline  Fast installation

check_circle_outline  Easy expansion of the system

Miniload - high bay system with stacker cranes on one or two levels

See what you can gain by using our high storage warehouses

Maximum use of storage space

Lower service costs

Fewer mistakes

Greater efficiency of warehouse operations

Easier warehouse management

Possibility of expansion (scalability)

Configuration adapted to various loads and weights

Faster receiving and issuing of goods

Greater employee safety and goods protection

No need for long term training for warehouse workers

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What are high storage warehouses?

What is a high storage warehouse? The definition of this concept assumes that it is a specially designed type of warehouse characterized by very high shelves and the use of automation for storing and issuing goods. We can talk about high-bay storage when the racking systems have a minimum height of 12 meters and a maximum of 50 meters. High-bay warehouses increase the efficiency of space utilization, allowing for the storage of more goods in a smaller area. In a high-bay warehouse, all operations are performed using a warehouse management system. Usually, high-bay warehouse halls are constructed from lightweight building materials

Both low-bay and medium-bay warehouses differ from high-bay warehouses in terms of shelf height and the degree of automation. A low-bay warehouse is one in which the maximum height does not exceed 4.2 meters, while a medium-bay warehouse is one where the height does not exceed 7.2 meters.

Why is it worth using high storage warehouses?

High storage warehouses help solve problems with increasingly scarce building plots, labor shortages in the market, and rising labor costs. In high-bay warehouses such as BOXSS and MINILOAD, part of the manual work is done automatically through autonomous robots.

How much do high-bay warehouses like BOXSS and MINILOAD cost?

We are unable to provide the exact price of our high storage warehouses without obtaining appropriate information about your requirements and needs. You will know the exact valuation of high storage warehouses after talking to our expert and providing us with the above information. Fill out the form to get a quote.

Does high storage warehouses increase safety?

High-bay warehouses such as BOXSS and MINILOAD increase the safety of both workers and goods, mainly due to the use of automation and robotics. Aspects in which high-bay warehouses contribute to increased safety include reducing the risk of accidents and injuries among workers, as well as lower risk of theft and damage to goods. In every high-bay warehouse, it is necessary to comply with the requirements contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997, on general regulations for safety and hygiene at work (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 169, item 1950, as amended). For safety, it is also very important to have a professional implementation of high-bay storage systems - for example, the total weight of stored loads and racks cannot exceed the maximum load capacity of floors and ceilings. Therefore, it is worth using professional help in implementing high-bay storage systems to ensure that their operation is fully safe and complies with standards.

What technology is used in your high storage warehouses?

In our high storage warehouses, advanced technology plays a key role, including automation and robotics. These systems are designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility, which is enabled by autonomous robots, advanced stacker cranes, and the multishuttle system.