Vertical Orbit Multibox System


[4m (H)x 9.5m (L)x 1.2m(W)]
Power [1,5kW]
Number of locker [42]
Waiting time [40s]
Noise [30-40dB]
Energy consumption [0,04kWh]
Statistics the device stores informations about cloakroom usage and allows an online check-up. The statistics deliver informations when, at what time and how long a client used the cloakroom space.
Service offered equipment coveres full support and maintenance. Cloakrooms are connected to the Internet, allowing technicians remote operations to make necessary changes.
Instructions has a built-in instruction and training description.
Virtual cloakattendant
Interactive service (avatar) helps using the cloakroom. The service has been designed for customers of all ages, and the display thanks to his size is user friendly for the elderly and visually impaired. Throughout the process of putting clothing, the device guide you through clear, simple messages provided by the Virtual Cloakattendant.

V-OMS – this cloakroom is designed to be put near walls, because it is very slim (1,3m). It works the same way as our regular cloakrooms, only that the boxes are not going on the floor but up, along the wall. The outside cover can be made out of glass or PCV panels (to be covert with folio e.g. advertisement). It also can be built into slim spaces.
Cover your walls with an automated cloakroom

Or maybe you have a slim corridor or other room, which could be finally used for something- perfect for a build-in cloakroom version.