Unwanted necessity – cloakrooms

Nearly each public place – shopping center, administration office, school etc. has a problem with cloakrooms- the lack of it or with the handling.

There is no good space to put it- in the corridor or maybe in a special room? Normally this space could be better used then for a cloakroom. Therefore many institutions decide against a full year cloakroom and have to struggle during the winter time with a seasonal solution.

But what about all the small places with no use like under a staircase or a room to slim to be used? In each building there are such spaces which are hard to adapt. Those spots are ideal for a cloakroom with hangers or hooks. This kind of cloakrooms can be built into a space, using its entire high, width and length. The operation can be manual, half automated or fully automated – with or without the help of a cloak- attendant. It can be used all year long or only to special occasions. Easy handling and maintenance as well as short operational time- worth it’s money.

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