Center System
Round shaped, compact and efficient selfservice cloakrooms.
Orbit Multibox System
Elonged selfservice cloakroom for slim corridor spaces.
Vertical Orbit Multibox System
Elonged selfservice cloakroom for walls or slim corridor spaces.
Orbit Standard System
Efficient, half automated cloakroom for every space with high turnover. .

Automated cloakroom
Automated cloakrooms are selfservice devices, operated directly by user. No nead to hire cloakattendant. Anna, the virtual wardrobier helps using the cloakroom with simple instructions and visual aids.
Center System (CS)
Center System is our round shaped cloakroom. Center system can be placed either as a freestanding device, as well as be built in. It is compact and very efficient. This model can be extended by changing the diameter or as a double cloakroom, with one user panel and 2 similar round lockerspaces.
Orbit Multibox System (OMS)
Orbit Multibox System (OMS) is an innovative self-service cloakroom characterized by an elongated shape. It is meant for slim corridor spaces. OMS can be placed either as a freestanding device, as well as be built into a room.
Vertical Orbit Multibox System (V-OMS)
Vertical Orbit Multibox System (V-OMS) – this cloakroom is designed to be put near walls, because it is very slim (1,3m). It works the same way as our regular cloakrooms, only that the boxes are not going on the floor but up, along the wall. The outside cover can be made out of glass or PCV panels (to be covert with folio e.g. advertisement). It also can be built into slim spaces.

Halfautomated cloakroom
System for hanging coats or jackets with the possibillity to extend to deposit of small things like handbags. It is meant for place where many people uses the cloakroom at one time. Needs a cloakattendant to be handled. Possibillity to make a 2 level cloakroom. Upper level operated through cloth stick. Also availabe in manual version,
Orbit Standard System (OSS)
Orbit Standard System (OSS) is an halfautomated system for storage of jackets, coats and small things (in the extended version). It can be build in 2 levels to maximize the storage place and faster the process, becuase both levels can work seperatelly.

Halfautomated system
Cloakattendant scans number and the cloakroom automatically search for the coat and positions it in front of the cloakattendant.

Manual system
Cloakattendant pushes button and holds it until the cloakroom stops with the searched coat and in front of the cloakattendant.