The new version of automated cloakroom

Have you ever noticed that positioning a large machine in the galleries sales area may affect the profitability of the businesses placed in its environment? 
In our opinion-it is true -because the focus of attention is created by interesting design and professional performance. No shop allows hiding his exhibitions by another object, which is why we designed a new cloakroom 
Lowering construction of cloakroom in addition to the previously mentioned advantages (modern design and professional performance) reduces the cost of the device without losing functionality. The new drive concept allowed the locker room to reduce the occupied area without shortening the capacity of the cabinets. Our new design makes maintenance and service work easier and faster. Could we kindly ask you to spend few minutes and study our new cloakroom idea at: 

Narrow and high space is another challenge for the constructor. Sometimes the available space for development forces the construction of equipment to vertical operation. Cloakroom service automation can proceed in this direction, too. Visualization is available on our website:


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