What makes an automatic cloakroom an interesting solution?

The biggest advantage of this proposal is the elimination of a cloakattendant. With this simple idea it is possible to save money and provide safe storage for your clients. In a Polish famous movie called “MIŚ” we have a with an old-fashioned cloakroom. You can see that  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5aF2CSwNTU.  Of course this film scrap has a specific sense of humour but it shows typical problems appearing while using standard cloakroom.

Let’s look for them compering to automatic cloakroom features :

  • Customer doesn’t get his own coat back. The machine in that case doesn’t mismatch the coats and using unique coding systems guarantee safe storage place for a long time;
  • The cloakroom attendant is unfriendly and even aggressive. Our virtual operator is never tired and always smiles from the screen- in fact this virtual operator is not necessary for proper function- his role is to make a soft-bridge between machine and the user;
  • In the movie entire procedure takes little time. In Automatic way the time is the shortest possible;
  • Instead of standard solution automatic cloakroom gives much more space and flexibility to store different kind of things. You can use it for bags, umbrellas etc;
  • In automatic devise you can store more than one coat in your box. When you are a good packer you could even pack your entire family- I think about coats and jackets of course;
  • Automatic cloakroom is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is perfect for late cinema sessions, music clubs etc.
  • The modular construction of automatic cloakroom is perfect to use for presentation and advertisement. This very interesting shape focuses people attention. Outside it is a lot of square meters- ready to put on your presentations.

All of this features and provided  solutions is a result of years spent on development of this device.   They can really increase comfort of your current and feature clients.

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