Keeping customers in the context of growing business of internet trading

What do you think? Is it so – that very popular today -shopping galleries- loose their clients in the same way as residential shops lost their customers , which recently preferred shopping centers? Business of internet trading- shopping already took a lot of  customers. Eurostat recently published data about internet shopping across EU, and “Nearly 60% of EU internet users shop online”.  New technologies  allow virtual try-on , they offer on-line  Internet image consulting specialists, propose  right product for the current person they can be even   "integrated " in  the virtual store . I am asking- Do you still like your everyday  shopping duties? What do you think to win that time just clicking on internet or sending a list from your smartphone?  Winning  those few hours a week is very tempting.

On the other hand, we can have all kind of movies in our home cinema or using  different TV platforms  but we still like to go to the cinema. This shows quite clearly the direction in which galleries should develop .

It should be a place for meetings, spending time with friends , a pleasant evening in the restaurant – generally nice place for spending time, well designed interior- it could still offer shopping facilities but the focus should be on entertainment .  We can see some steps in that direction. It can be mentioned : children’s playing places,  school of  dance , or even fitness and healthy studios..

This argumentation favors the creation of demand for the offered by us- automatic cloakrooms . It is convenient to drop excess luggage somewhere at the entrance to the cinema or a restaurant. Those of us who went to the cinema with kids knows that always we have one hand less. Two times in the minute you have to pick up something meantime holding popcorn with drink and keeping kids together. How do you like to hold all jackets? You really need to store your things and jackets in one safe place- it could be our devices.

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