How did it start?

We were going up the stairs- Konrad and me. Konrad asked : “What do you think about making an automatic cloakroom? Last night I was in the Cinema and entire movie I was thinking about that idea.” My first thought was that it is only for winter time, but  I said “Yes let’s do that”(it was the end of year 2010).

One week  later we went skiing in Slovakia and we asked Daria to join us. We started to organize the company (09/ 2010)  and- what was much more interesting -designing our first device. My cousins rent us a big garage to produce the cloakroom.  We did the job by our own- day in, day out and so many nights (01/ 2011). A lot of people helped us at that time. And we had a deadline- gastro fair in Sosnowiec. We thought that the cloakroom is also perfect for restaurant and hotels (we still think that!). But as it happens with new products we had a lot of nice opinions but no contracts at all…so we packed up our cloakroom and  installed it in Zabrze “Platan” gallery, managed by APSYS (03/ 2011). That was our reality test. You can’t imagine what people do until they do it! We had to change the functionality, add safety features and we added a monitor with instructions to use the cloakroom (back then the virtual wardrobier did not exist yet). And the product improved and developed thanks to its users. That is when we decided to build another one, which would include all the changes and more. We spent another days and nights in the garage to build an even better cloakroom (we finished this in November 2011).  That cloakroom was already close to our current standard. It has virtual wardrobier and a good coding system. This unit works today in “Pogoria” gallery in Dąbrowa Górnicza. And then the next ones came, every cloakroom unique and accustomed to the object it works in.

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