More focus on services within a shopping center

Nowadays shopping center change. Starting from the localization up to the stores and services offered. More and more shopping center are located in the center of a city with a variety of different shops, the focus is no more on a hypermarket as main tenant. And also the kind of services one can find in a mall a differing. 

The focus on offered services is not only in the area of finding tenants which can offer different services starting on banking, dry cleaning, massages or even dentists. But the shopping center itself offers more often added services to keep the satisfaction of the costumers up.

Charging stations for mobile phones, access to wifi, virtual shopping guides and store finders – are just some of the added services offered in some centers. Also cloakrooms are always an added service, especially required by the customers in the winter season. Therefore the automated cloakrooms by loopstore are an easy solution for the whole year. Not only can they be used in the winter, but because of their lockers space one can use them to hang jackets or lay down bags.

An research was made for Evigo company by Sana Consulting to check the quality of consumer experience in chosen shopping centers in Poland and then compared to some European and world shopping centers. The publications in the Shopping Center magazine showed the following:

  average polsih cener in % average euopean center in % average world center in %
catchiness/ambiance 70 80 89
merchandise quality 61 86 92
accessibility/ location 81 79 88
customer service – mall 66 72 91
tenant mix, variety of stores 59 73 90
customer service- tenants 74 81 93
safety 73 85 96
innovation 48 74 77
propmotion 63 75 89
mall fscilities 80 83 92
target achieving 62 68 86
customer convenience 81 85 96
time and energy saving 82 79



*Source Shopping Center Poland, nr.9, september 2014


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