Uniqueness, accustomed to your needs is our standard!
LOOP Store flexibility. You decide what you need and we design the right cloakroom. Measures and locker number, the level of automation (manual, halfautomated, full automated) will be made as you wish it. You decide if the cloakroom works as deposit, is payable, running with getons or loyality cards. As we produce and programm the cloakrooms we can accustom it exactly to your needs.

Measures & locker number
Find a place where you want a cloakroom and tell us how big it is. LOOP Store guarantees flexibility in designing cloakrooms.

Payment system
How do you want your clients to use the cloakroom- for free? With money deposit? Or maybe with your centers loyality card? Or a mixed system? No problem, with the flexibility of LOOP Store, you will get what you want and need.

Level of automation
Selfservice cloakrooms or maybe halfautomated hanger systems. Depending on the purpose we recommend different levels of automation. You decide if you want your clients to use the cloakroom alone as a selfservice or should there be an operator, because you need to deal with a lot of people in a very short time (e.g. cinema). LOOP Stores flexibility helps you to find you the best solution.