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Automated cloakroom features guarantee comfort, safety and selfservice. The nice, virtual cloakattendant helps with the cloakroom usage, without breaks. With the unique barcode ticket the user has access 24/7 to his locker space. Waiting time is max. 30 sec. One family (2+2) can hang their jackets in the cloakroom and put down bags. The locker drives away for safe deposit. With the intuitive interface and added cloakroom features it is more than just coat deposit. Below you find why we find the LOOP Store cloakroom features to be ensuring comfort, safety and selfservice


Comfort is a cloakroom feature because it allows deposit not only of jackets but also of bags. One family (2+2) can leave their things in one locker. And thanks to the easy and intuitive handling it is comfortbale for each family member.
Space for jackets of one family
Spend a delightful time with your family
Deposit of jackets and bags
Leave your ballast behind
Easy handling
Intuitive usagewith virtual help

Safety is another cloakroom feature. The unique ticket operated the cloakroom with a barcode. Thanks to that no mistake can be made and no unauthorised person has acces to the locker.
Anti-theft protection
Safetines for your belongings
Unique ticket
Individual locker with barcode ticket
No mistakes
No confusion, no mistakes

Selfservice is the cloakroom feature that stands for 24h availability, quick response time and no queus!
The cloakroom has no clock off
No queues
Fast response for no queues
Quick service
Operating time does not exceed 30 s.