More focus on services within a shopping center

Nowadays shopping center change. Starting from the localization up to the stores and services offered. More and more shopping center are located in the center of a city with a variety of different shops, the focus is no more on a hypermarket as main tenant. And also the kind of services one can find in a mall a differing. 

The focus on offered services is not only in the area of finding tenants which can offer different services starting on banking, dry cleaning, massages or even dentists. But the shopping center itself offers more often added services to keep the satisfaction of the costumers up.

Charging stations for mobile phones, access to wifi, virtual shopping guides and store finders – are just some of the added services offered in some centers. Also cloakrooms are always an added service, especially required by the customers in the winter season. Therefore the automated cloakrooms by loopstore are an easy solution for the whole year. Not only can they be used in the winter, but because of their lockers space one can use them to hang jackets or lay down bags.

An research was made for Evigo company by Sana Consulting to check the quality of consumer experience in chosen shopping centers in Poland and then compared to some European and world shopping centers. The publications in the Shopping Center magazine showed the following:

  average polsih cener in % average euopean center in % average world center in %
catchiness/ambiance 70 80 89
merchandise quality 61 86 92
accessibility/ location 81 79 88
customer service – mall 66 72 91
tenant mix, variety of stores 59 73 90
customer service- tenants 74 81 93
safety 73 85 96
innovation 48 74 77
propmotion 63 75 89
mall fscilities 80 83 92
target achieving 62 68 86
customer convenience 81 85 96
time and energy saving 82 79



*Source Shopping Center Poland, nr.9, september 2014


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Unwanted necessity – cloakrooms

Nearly each public place – shopping center, administration office, school etc. has a problem with cloakrooms- the lack of it or with the handling.

There is no good space to put it- in the corridor or maybe in a special room? Normally this space could be better used then for a cloakroom. Therefore many institutions decide against a full year cloakroom and have to struggle during the winter time with a seasonal solution.

But what about all the small places with no use like under a staircase or a room to slim to be used? In each building there are such spaces which are hard to adapt. Those spots are ideal for a cloakroom with hangers or hooks. This kind of cloakrooms can be built into a space, using its entire high, width and length. The operation can be manual, half automated or fully automated – with or without the help of a cloak- attendant. It can be used all year long or only to special occasions. Easy handling and maintenance as well as short operational time- worth it’s money.

Solutions LOOP Store offers

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The new version of automated cloakroom

Have you ever noticed that positioning a large machine in the galleries sales area may affect the profitability of the businesses placed in its environment? 
In our opinion-it is true -because the focus of attention is created by interesting design and professional performance. No shop allows hiding his exhibitions by another object, which is why we designed a new cloakroom 
Lowering construction of cloakroom in addition to the previously mentioned advantages (modern design and professional performance) reduces the cost of the device without losing functionality. The new drive concept allowed the locker room to reduce the occupied area without shortening the capacity of the cabinets. Our new design makes maintenance and service work easier and faster. Could we kindly ask you to spend few minutes and study our new cloakroom idea at: 

Narrow and high space is another challenge for the constructor. Sometimes the available space for development forces the construction of equipment to vertical operation. Cloakroom service automation can proceed in this direction, too. Visualization is available on our website:


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What makes an automatic cloakroom an interesting solution?

The biggest advantage of this proposal is the elimination of a cloakattendant. With this simple idea it is possible to save money and provide safe storage for your clients. In a Polish famous movie called “MIŚ” we have a with an old-fashioned cloakroom. You can see that  here:  Of course this film scrap has a specific sense of humour but it shows typical problems appearing while using standard cloakroom.

Let’s look for them compering to automatic cloakroom features :

  • Customer doesn’t get his own coat back. The machine in that case doesn’t mismatch the coats and using unique coding systems guarantee safe storage place for a long time;
  • The cloakroom attendant is unfriendly and even aggressive. Our virtual operator is never tired and always smiles from the screen- in fact this virtual operator is not necessary for proper function- his role is to make a soft-bridge between machine and the user;
  • In the movie entire procedure takes little time. In Automatic way the time is the shortest possible;
  • Instead of standard solution automatic cloakroom gives much more space and flexibility to store different kind of things. You can use it for bags, umbrellas etc;
  • In automatic devise you can store more than one coat in your box. When you are a good packer you could even pack your entire family- I think about coats and jackets of course;
  • Automatic cloakroom is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is perfect for late cinema sessions, music clubs etc.
  • The modular construction of automatic cloakroom is perfect to use for presentation and advertisement. This very interesting shape focuses people attention. Outside it is a lot of square meters- ready to put on your presentations.

All of this features and provided  solutions is a result of years spent on development of this device.   They can really increase comfort of your current and feature clients.

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Keeping customers in the context of growing business of internet trading

What do you think? Is it so – that very popular today -shopping galleries- loose their clients in the same way as residential shops lost their customers , which recently preferred shopping centers? Business of internet trading- shopping already took a lot of  customers. Eurostat recently published data about internet shopping across EU, and “Nearly 60% of EU internet users shop online”.  New technologies  allow virtual try-on , they offer on-line  Internet image consulting specialists, propose  right product for the current person they can be even   "integrated " in  the virtual store . I am asking- Do you still like your everyday  shopping duties? What do you think to win that time just clicking on internet or sending a list from your smartphone?  Winning  those few hours a week is very tempting.

On the other hand, we can have all kind of movies in our home cinema or using  different TV platforms  but we still like to go to the cinema. This shows quite clearly the direction in which galleries should develop .

It should be a place for meetings, spending time with friends , a pleasant evening in the restaurant – generally nice place for spending time, well designed interior- it could still offer shopping facilities but the focus should be on entertainment .  We can see some steps in that direction. It can be mentioned : children’s playing places,  school of  dance , or even fitness and healthy studios..

This argumentation favors the creation of demand for the offered by us- automatic cloakrooms . It is convenient to drop excess luggage somewhere at the entrance to the cinema or a restaurant. Those of us who went to the cinema with kids knows that always we have one hand less. Two times in the minute you have to pick up something meantime holding popcorn with drink and keeping kids together. How do you like to hold all jackets? You really need to store your things and jackets in one safe place- it could be our devices.

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How did it start?

We were going up the stairs- Konrad and me. Konrad asked : “What do you think about making an automatic cloakroom? Last night I was in the Cinema and entire movie I was thinking about that idea.” My first thought was that it is only for winter time, but  I said “Yes let’s do that”(it was the end of year 2010).

One week  later we went skiing in Slovakia and we asked Daria to join us. We started to organize the company (09/ 2010)  and- what was much more interesting -designing our first device. My cousins rent us a big garage to produce the cloakroom.  We did the job by our own- day in, day out and so many nights (01/ 2011). A lot of people helped us at that time. And we had a deadline- gastro fair in Sosnowiec. We thought that the cloakroom is also perfect for restaurant and hotels (we still think that!). But as it happens with new products we had a lot of nice opinions but no contracts at all…so we packed up our cloakroom and  installed it in Zabrze “Platan” gallery, managed by APSYS (03/ 2011). That was our reality test. You can’t imagine what people do until they do it! We had to change the functionality, add safety features and we added a monitor with instructions to use the cloakroom (back then the virtual wardrobier did not exist yet). And the product improved and developed thanks to its users. That is when we decided to build another one, which would include all the changes and more. We spent another days and nights in the garage to build an even better cloakroom (we finished this in November 2011).  That cloakroom was already close to our current standard. It has virtual wardrobier and a good coding system. This unit works today in “Pogoria” gallery in Dąbrowa Górnicza. And then the next ones came, every cloakroom unique and accustomed to the object it works in.

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