LOOP Store selfservice cloakroom

Loop Store gives you modern looking, selfservice cloakrooms that ensure comfortable and safe time in your facility.
Thanks to full automation they do not need a cloakattendant and are easy and intuitive.
Additionally they can be used as advertisement space or combined with promotions of your tenants.
We are the first to produce selfservice cloakrooms. 

You will find all information about selfservice cloakrooms on this site. In the "Product" section there are information about our 3 standard models, including halfautomated cloakrooms. Beside the basic information and measures you will find there animations of the product, movies, pictures and our clients opinions. In the "Case Study" section are information about our realized selfservice cloakrooms. We give you information how the selfservice cloakrooms are used and the how the user respond. We also added a "Blog" to our website where we will discuss matters not only related to selfservice cloakrooms but concerned with comfort, selfservice and safety. Therefore we show you in the section "Features" what the selfservice cloakroom can do in your facility in the topics of safety, selfservice and especially comfort. And last but not least the "Flexibility" of LOOP Store and our selfservice cloakrooms.